Mazandaran Regional Electric Company

The History of Electricity In Mazandaran

There was no electricity in Mazandaran province until 1929 when the first diesel generator with 120 kilowatt capacity, was installed in Gorgan , and was utilized under supervision of municipality, in replace of oil and petroleum that were widely used in Mazandaran. Then following the installation of a diesel generator with capacity of 120 kilowatt in Babol , the third one was installed in Sari with 60 kilowatt capacity. Other cities of Mazandaran exploited similar units under the management of municipalities and private sectors and delivered electricity to different parts of the Province.

The capacity of the generator units did not suffice the increasing demands of customers in all daily hours. Although the electricity was used mainly for lighting , it was not enough to serve the normal diesel generator with consumption of consumers reliably and there was electricity merely in part of the day with very low voltage level and high voltage drop .


Mazandaran Regional Electric Company (MREC)

It went on till 1965, when Mazandaran regional electric company was founded as a governmental owned company affiliated to the Ministry of Energy . It got legal identity in 1967 and started to take over the management and installations in all parts of the Province and repair depreciated electric networks . Finally , in 1968 Mazandaran transmission network connected to the national grid of the country .



From 1992, by implementing the new policy of government based on privatizing the part of the government activities , three new companies Tozie Bargh, Mohandesi Moshaver Nirou, and Mazand Nirou started to work and undertook determined responsibilities in the fields of distribution, designing, supervision, and construction of electrical projects. In addition, Mazandaran regional electric company performs huge electric projects in Mazandaran and Golestan. It supervises the activities of these companies as one of the major governmental organization .



The following activities were executed by the company up to the end of October 2005 :

2265 kilometres transmission network, 2177.14 kilometres

sub-transmission network, 15543 kilometres 20 kilovolt network, 19512 kilometres the low voltage network and having four substations of 400 kilovolts with capacity of 1900 mega volt ampere , nine posts of 230 kilovolt with capacity of 2100 mega volt ampere, 72 substations of 6320 kilovolt with the capacity of 2332.5 mega volt ampere, 24905, 20 kilovolt aerial and terrestrial transformers with capacity of 3383,978 kilovolt ampere. This company supplies electricity of 1308627 customers and 3863 villages in Mazandaran and Golestan Province .


Tel: +98 11 33360612-18
Supervisor: Solmaz Fallahpour