Ethical Charter

Ethical Charter
Islamic Republic of Iran
Ministry of Energy
Tavanir Expert holding company
Mazandaran Regional Electric Company

Mazandaran regional electric company is one of the affiliated companies of Tavanir Expert Holding company and is a service organization that managed the duty of the proper processing and supplying needed electricity for Mazandaran and Golestan customers with obeying related circulars and orders.
The main objective of this company is to take clients, users and customer's confidence and satisfaction.
For achieving to this goal, the management and staff of company believe

  • Our services will improve people’s lives and reinforce the relationship between people and us by offering desirable services.
  • When offering services, the main factor of company’s achievements is satisfying clients. We will obey this principle and perform our determined tasks with our maximum power.
  • Organization’s staff are the most valuable resources of company and trust, patience, self-controlling, and honesty are their outstanding features, so we make our best for fortifying these features.
  • We make our work hours pleasurable by offering our services to people .
  • We observe Ethical principles and moral properties in every conditions.
  • We know discipline, adornment, readiness and punctuality in supplying our client’s needs are our main principles for achievements.
  • Satisfying our client’s needs is a main factor for our company’s developments, and politeness, civility, and justice are the main factors for organization and staff survival, we think that providing services for people is a good opportunity for satisfying our God.

The Chief of board of director
and managing director
Hosein Afzali