The policy of quality management

Policy of quality, environment, occupational health and safety

Mazandaran Regional Electric Company as one of the subsidiary companies of holding company,Tavanir, manages the mission of suppliance, transmission and sale of secure electric power in its local areas: Mazandaran and Golestan provinces.
Progress in Power quality and stability, in addition to environmental protection and safety of the population, is MREC's outline of objectives and activities that also attempts to increase sustainable development, productivity and growth of human resources based on international standards.
Regarding the determination of MREC for performance of known patterns of the integrated management system based on international standards OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008; we commit ourselves to the following ultimate goals:
* Admission and compliance of the reasonable demands of customers, clients and stakeholders of the Company with regarding the legal frameworks and standards of the Energy Ministry, Tavanir company and organizational requirements of MREC and trying to increase their satisfaction.
* Attempt for continuous improvement of the organization's processes.
* Increased productivity through technology and automated systems progression.
* Development of Power supply and transmission infrastructures to preserve, maintain, secure and improve the installations and all the related facilities in utilization.
* Attempt to create a green environment as well as care for the environment to prevent pollution.
* Protect the safety, hygiene and health of employees and all stakeholders in order to prevent injuries and illnesses associated with the Company's activities and to achieve a happy and safe work environment.

* Regarding regulations on safety, occupational health and environment.
* Efficient use of energy and resources, in order to preserve them and environmental capitals.
* Comprehensive education of human resources as the main business complier of organization in order to promote knowledge level, culture, general knowledge and their professional expertise.
We have a common responsibility for quality fortification and also protection of human life, environment and national capitals and all personnel are expected to assist to reach these objectives.
For this purpose, all subsidiary units of MREC with my support are required to comply with all the plans in the Integrated Management System.It is obvious that these systems and policy in accordance with the internal and external organizational changes will be reviewed and revised.

Chairman and CEO
Hosein Afzali